With the adoption of Amendment 34-08 to the IMDG Code (the 2008 edition) on 1st January 2010 the requirement that shore based personnel involved in the transport of dangerous goods for sea transport be provided with appropriate training becomes mandatory.

Section of the IMDG Code identifies those shore-based personnel, who are engaged in the transport of dangerous goods intended to be transported by sea, that must receive the training required by the IMDG Code. These personnel include those who:

  • classify dangerous goods and identify Proper Shipping Names of dangerous goods;
  • pack dangerous goods;
  • mark, label or placard dangerous goods;
  • load/unload Cargo Transport Units;
  • prepare transport documents for dangerous goods;
  • offer dangerous goods for transport;
  • accept dangerous goods for transport;
  • handle dangerous goods in transport;
  • prepare dangerous goods loading and stowage plans;
  • load/unload dangerous goods into/from ships;
  • carry dangerous goods in transport;
  • enforce or survey or inspect for compliance with applicable rules and regulations; or
  • are otherwise involved in the transport of dangerous goods as determined by the competent authority

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) requires that all those persons performing functions identified above must complete both general awareness and function specific training.


Additionally, AMSA requires that persons who pack dangerous goods; mark, label or placard dangerous goods; and prepare transport documents for dangerous goods must complete a training program that has been specifically 'accepted' by AMSA.

Haylock Maritime has had training courses covering the above 'accepted' by AMSA, and is able to provided training that satisfies AMSA's requirement for 'accepted' training. The title of this course is:

IMDG Code (Amendment 39-18) for Shippers and Consolidators of Dangerous Goods (including those who perform any of the functions of packing dangerous goods; marking, labelling and placarding dangerous goods; and preparing & signing transport documents).

The duration of this course is at least 15 hours including assessment, and on successful completion, a Certificate of Completion is issued.
The above AMSA 'accepted' course forms the basis of most of Haylock Maritime's IMDG Code training programs, though each course is modified to suit the individual needs and specific functions carried out by each company. We have also developed training programs based on this 'accepted' course for single product producers such as chemical companies and miners.
Haylock Maritime has been providing IMDG Code training to the Australian seafreight industry for the past eleven years, and has a proven record of providing innovative, effective training. Our customers include Australia's biggest shipping lines, freight forwarders and chemical companies. Why not add your company to those enjoying our training services?